How Boss Media Made its way to Popularity

Credibility, reliability and trustworthiness are just some of the most important aspect when it comes to dealing with web-based gambling and in terms of this, the Boss Media has definitely made itself amazingly solid at those points, making it one of the leading software developer of today's unstoppable booming entertainment. It has its core headquarters placed and based on the prestigious Vaxjo Sweden, but it's equally renowned across different countries worldwide.

The history of the phenomenal Boss Media dates back to 1996 wherein it was founded. A year later, it was able to launch the prestigious Gold Club establishment that it was meant to govern and operate. However, the company didn't stop their plans right there because after the web-based establishment was created and launched, they have also expanded even more on the internet and gave rise to the which acted as a news portal for everything about the waging world.

With the success of the launching of their internet ventures, there were many companies and investors alike that has set their eyes on Boss Media. The company continuously accepted tons of requests of investing and even purchasing their software and gain it even as white label. With the countless requests they have received for white labels, the company saw it as an opportunity and decided to focus their attention on producing flawless and complete waging establishment white label solutions.

The white label solutions they have made for towering amount of clients they had, costed about $300,000 topped up with a share of the revenue they'll make for each licenses the company renders. With such success, the brand has become one of the most imminent player throughout the international software market and it stood on-par with the big boys like Playtech, Crpytologic and even MIcrogaming.

There were over 32 licenses handed out by the company on US when the ban was still not set-upped on 2004. With the ban, Boss media decided to change their course and started out providing e-gaming solutions and systems for clients which has been progressing seamlessly during the recent years up until today where it is now part of the group that controls the 'International Poker Network'.