Travelling and exploring the History of Chartwell

Winston Churchill, the late prime minister of UK, together with his loving wife, Clementine, had once brought a prestigious property on 1922 which they named Chartwell and has remained their Principal adult-home back then. The said property is located on the Westerham's south, two miles away from it and on the borders of Kent, England. The esteemed, elegant house needed extreme renovations and redesigning from top to bottom, in order to give it a modern and simple look, which definitely brought phenomenal changes to the place after the renovations were successfully done.

Churchill and his wife stayed at Chartwell since then, but as a turn for the worse occurred, they came up to the unfortunate realization that running the property is no longer a choice for them as they are already incapable of producing the funds for it. With the event occurring, there was Lord Camrose who organized an esteemed and prestigious consortium consisting of supremely wealthy and iconic businessmen that purchased the state. The arrangement was undoubtedly on favor with the two owners since they were allowed to live on the place up to the moment where they take their last breath.

The generous arrangement made it possible for the husband and wife to live more years under the roof of Chartwell. Also, as per the arrangement, the property will be given to the National Trust after they die. Years after that arrangement was made, specifically on 1965, Churchill met his demise and died, leaving his wife, Clementine, to decide what to do with their principal home. Soon after the death of Churchill, his wife gave the property to the 'National Trust'. After the house was given to the National Trust, it remained preserved up until today where it still looks exactly when Churchill and his wife were living in them. All the furniture, decorations and things owned by the two were still inside there, giving the house a historical appeal that's undoubtedly phenomenal and stunning. The house and the garden were given different grades, where the former is claimed as a Grade I that signifies that it's for historical purposes while the latter is deemed as Grade 2 property. Without a doubt, this beautiful home is undoubtedly a place that's a must-see for anyone out there who wants to travel.