Playing Sam & Max Save the World

What many loves about games is how they tell stories and one of the early games that have been successful in doing so is Sam & Max Save the World Game which was first known as Season One of the Sam and Max video game. It was given to life by one of the most revered developer companies today - the TellTale Games and was rendered in a way where it looked like episodes from series you watch on television. It was first released during the late months of 2006 up to the early part of the year 2007, and when 2009 came, its name changed to what we know of today.

The first release of the game was made for Microsoft Windows and soon, on the year 2008 and 2009, a version of the game for Wii and Xbox Live was made, respectively. The early episodes of the game were released to the public by the developers themselves along with GameTap. Afterwards, the releases were made by different companies which includes JoWooD for Europe and Adventure Company for the Northern America.

The game has truly spread its influence and those who have heard of it will surely know the two epic characters of the game that are truly intriguing. The first one is Sam who's dubbed as an 'antthropomorphic' dog, paired up with a 'hyperkinetic' rabbit. This pair, though odd, are vigilante private-investigators and they start solving cases on after another throughout various episodes.

Originally, LucasArts were supposed to be the ones to introduce the two characters to the world, however, their project was cancelled and afterwards, the developers of the game became part of TellTale which ended up announcing the existence of the game on 2005. The Sam and Max Save the World was critically acclaimed for its outstanding gameplay, graphics and plot, however on the flipside, there are those who weren't happy for it. Still, the game reaped awards and even had sequels that only proves their success even more.