How did Sega came to be?

Behind the successful gaming industry of Japan as it contributed a lot to the history of gaming, one of the most influential brand, Sega, has also entered and spread its name on the market. It was originally known as Service Games which eventually ended up turning to Sega. It had countless publishers throughout the entire globe that made the brand known as a multi-national developer of various video games. Between the years 1983 up the year of 2001, the company was able to develop and render tons of home video-game consoles to the public.

However, this venture and step they were able to make didn't last forever as their financial aspect took a hit from the console they've developed named 'Dreamcast'. Because of the financial problem this caused, the company was left with no other choice but to walk the path to restructure and re-identifying their service to overcome the predicament they were in. From being a developer of consoles, the company stuck to becoming a third-party creator. Though they had this kind of degradation on their service, they were still able to hold their prestige with ease.

The Sega was still considered one of the most outstanding developer in the world of arcade producing and their profile contained over 500 different games which encompasses and spanned over 70 franchises worldwide that equates to over 20 boards of arcade system ever since the year 1981.

Of course, who would forget the games that have marked the popularity of the revered brand of Sega, right? Some of these games included famous titles like the one and only 'Sonic the Hedgehog', 'Total War', 'Yakuza', 'Phantasy Star' and a whole lot more. The brand had man key offices for different places around the globe. They have a base located at Tokyo Japan, a North American Division placed on Irvine California, and even a headquarters for their European Division which was based on the area of England. Even until today, the influence of the brand has never diminished and no one would surely be able to deny the greatness of which it was able to render for the whole industry.