Which Game Subscription Service - Do They All Have Pros & Cons?

A video game subscription service allows players to access features such as the ability to rent or download new video games as well as playing online with friends, but how does one decide which is right for them? They all seem to have different prices and their own particular pro's and con's. It seems they just continually dream up ways of getting players to pay over and over each month any way they can entice them, let's take a look.

EA Access - $30 A Year/ $5 A Month

The first publisher that started a video game subscription service. Everything started out pretty ok as they offered a couple of their then latest versions Madden and the wildly popular FIFA as part of their game "vault", that players could draw upon. The drawback however is that EA have been very slow to add any additional sports games to their mix since they launched. Players do have the ability to download free demos and once games are added to the vault they are keepers, unfortunately new releases are slow and access is Xbox One exclusive.

Playstation Plus - $50 A Year / $10 A Month

Here the player gets a constant steady stream of exciting games to download along with plenty of discounts on classic and new releases including downloadables as well. One has to be sure to keep up the PS Plus subscription to keep freebies. Also if one misses a download before it's removed, there's no ability to grab it for free at a later date.

Xbox Live Games With Gold - $60 A Year / $12 A Month

Some people When it come to the Xbox Live Games subscription service are convinced Games with Gold was started by accident with a copy of Fable 2 being put out there for free on Xbox 360. Microsoft followed this seemingly unintentional mishap and released freebies for subscribers of Gold, claiming that unlike Playstation Plus, players got to keep their games even if they stopped their subscription.

Then along came the Xbox One which steered clear of the keep-em forever feature with the intent of copying the Plus model of vanishing games. As with Plus, Gold gives players access to discounts and online multiplayer, however unlike Plus their games sadly just trickle out. It's suggested that once console sales pick up and it starts to score more exclusives, look for the Games with Gold value, and expect them to rise in accordance as well.