The Turner Broadcasting System & Changing Times Of Entertainment

It seems like only yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that GameTap and the Intel Corporation announced that GameTap, the Turner Broadcasting System broadband games and entertainment network, was confirmed to work with the Intel® Viiv™ technology platform. This was heralded as a major coup at the time, as it would bring players' digital PC entertainment experience to life with the use of a television monitor, just 10 feet away.

Housing games from a wide array of platforms, publishers and genres, Turner Broadcasting System with GameTap being part of their fold, had a company that was proclaimed as the hot number 1 pick in the industries Gaming Monthly's "Hot 10 List", and it was not hard to see why, either.

With their new "10 foot" version of GameTap being unveiled, it offered consumers on-demand access, a term now frequently used, to a complete universe of video programming and games directly to their TV monitor, via the running of Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 from their PC.

Now as an Intel Viiv technology verified service, it was easier for GameTap with the use of wireless peripheral game controllers as well as MCE remote control. Sophisticated graphics and rich 3D navigation were combined with the use of dynamic speed processing, utilizing Intel's commanding dual-core processors, giving the GameTap gaming experience a distinct cutting edge.

This was a major breakthrough as it took consumers beyond their usual PC environment and into virtually any room in the house. They now had the ability to expand their playground if you will to a large screen, and experience the network in a larger and grander way that would offer an even more immersive experience into the world of video games, creating an even more compelling involvement unlike any previously known.

Turner Broadcasting System Inc. are a Times Warner company and have been so for a number of years now. They continue to be a major producer of entertainment and news products around the world as well as a leading light in programing for the cable industry. Times have marched on and they continue to evolve.