The history behind Atari Interactive

Without a doubt, the first thing that would pop up on the head of those who knows the name of Atari, would be video games, arcades and even consoles. The company has a rather complex structure, however, what we can be sure of is the fact that they have been one of the most trustworthy brands since its creation on 1972. The company was originally founded by Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell where they were able to give the company the boost to become largely known as one of the leaders when it comes to consoles, computers and arcade games. The innovation produced by the company has also contributed greatly to the innovation of electronic-entertainment itself which only goes to show just how much influence it was able to garner through its years of operation.

There have been many entities that owned the revered brand which is now known as an Interactive company and a subsidiary of ASA - a publisher derived from France. The year 1984 marked the split that happened within the company. This was connected to the crash of video game that happened the year prior to the event which is 1983. With the split, the other one was name Atari Games Incorporated which is what inherited the original company's legacy which includes not only the brand and logo of its ancestor, but also of its arcade's hardware and more. The other part became a Corporation which was then sold and merged to another company.

The Corporation from the Split was then acquired by none other than Hasbro Interactive which happened on November 6, 1996. They got it from the JT Storage who was merged with the corporation which has become a new subsidiary of the existing Atari Interactive. The Hasbro Interactive didn't last long on its feet as it was also bought by another company in the name of Infogrames Entertainment. Sooner or later, they named the Hasbro to Infogrames Interactive which then transformed eventually to Atari Interactive. On the 11th of October, year 2008, the company was finally successful in obtaining pieces of the renowned brand and has transformed it to a complete subsidiary.